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In this area, I show advanced ASP - Active Server Pages coding and working styles and coding with MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and other databases.
Classic ASP XMLHTTP Url Html Code Viewer
You can do your transactions quickly with the Classic ASP code, where you can pull the html code structure from the url you connect with XMLHTTP.
ASP MySql Database Random Records
For Classic Asp MySql database random data this code is for you! You can use it in all your projects for Mysql database random data that works smoothly and fast.
Classic ASP CDO Message Mail Component Code
You can use the code I have given to send mail without any problems with the CDO component. Have peace of mind with this CDO code that works smoothly in your projects :)
Classic ASP XMLHTTP Set Timeout Code
With Classic ASP you can set the connection time limit when retrieving xml data. With the code I gave you, you can end long-term connection problems.
ASPJpeg Draw Image
You can examine the example of placing a logo on a photo with the Classic Asp ASPJpeg component with this code. You can use the Classic ASP AspJpeg component code piece that will always work for you in all your works.
Formatnumber ASP Classic Function
You can examine the Classic ASP formatnumber function in detail with the code I will give you.
Classic ASP ASPJpeg Component Full Code
I am giving all relevant code structure for writing on a photo with aspjpeg. I'm sure this code structure will be very useful for you.
Classic ASP Include File Code
For Classic ASP, you can benefit from the code structure I have given to call another asp file into the page.
Classic ASP Mysql Record Limit
If you want to set limits with classic asp in mysql table listing, you can use the code structure I have given.
Jquery Load Div From Another Page
This code will be useful for calling an external page with jquery inside the div tag.
Total Number of Records in Mysql Database with a Single Code
Asp Mysql Recordcount. This code is for you to quickly query the total number of data in the Mysql database table.
First Day and Last Day of the Month Date Function
With this asp vbscript function you can find the first and last day of a month. It is a very fast function that will work in your database filtering operations.
Robotic Coding Professional Product Counter
With this code, which works stably and without errors, you can see the number of products on the LCD screen. All errors in other codes have been cleared. This code is used in product counts of professional industrial machines.
Classic ASP Reading Excel Database
You can customize the example of reading data from the database in excel format with this example.
Randomize Characters
If you want to create random characters of the length you want, this code is for you. All you have to do is paste the code below into your page.
Coder Free News Script
Enhance your website experience with a completely Free news script. Start using your unique and ultra-fast website right away with advanced options.
You can pull and send json data with the following json object code.
ASP Sitemap Generator Script
You can automatically create a sitemap of the content on your site.
Full SEO Page HTML Head Code Sample
You can get all the head definitions that should be on your pages from the html code below. Social media platforms and other head tags are all included.
Classic ASP FormatNumber Function
Returns an expression formatted as a number.
List Youtube search results with ASP
With this unique code, you can list the video addresses of the results by searching youtube in the script.
Displaying Images From Another Server With AspJpeg
With the aspjpeg code I will give you, you can show images hosted on another server as if they were hosted on your own server.
Time On Page Processing - Timer Function
While the script codes are interpreted by the server, we define the timer function at the beginning and end of the page codes to calculate the code interpretation time of the page.
ASP Server ScriptTimeout Max Value
Maximum timeout value "1000" should be given for the time elapsed while executing the script. In this way, you can run upload applications that take a long time without any problems.
404 URL Redirect web.config Sample
All the settings you need to make in the web.config file to redirect the 404 error pages to the page you want are in the code I gave.
Classic ASP Dynamic Include
Classic ASP Dynamic Include It works like server-side insertion, but it does it in a different way: at runtime, you can specify the file you want to add at that moment.
ASP MySQL Connection
MySQL connection with ASP with Latin alphabet support. It works flawlessly. You can connect with MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver and query from MySQL database with asp codes without any problems. It supports all Turkish characters and Latin alphabets.
Auto redirect page http:// to https://
Automatic redirection of page to SSL certified URL with ASP. You can forward port 443 to https:// without the need for server components and settings.
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